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Featured Services

These, among my many other services, are the ones I perform daily and my absolute FAV!

Powder/ Combo Brows

This technique is designed to create eyebrows with a soft powder effect, very similar to powder makeup.

​Smoky Lash Enhancement®️

This is a super soft, smoky look placed behind your lashes. Done in the lash line to look very natural. This isn’t your typical out-dated, hard line over the top of your eyelid eyeliner. I learned this technique from the very talented Will Anthony, whom has trade marked this very technique as the Smoky Lash Enhancement®️

Natural Stroke Microblading

Natural Stroke Microblading is crafted to mimic life-like brow hairs. This is done with a tiny micro-blade dipped in rich pigment. I deposit the color into the dermis layer of the skin until the brow area is fulfilled. 

Brazilian Wax

What is a Brazilian Wax? I’m glad you asked!

This is the process of a trained wax professional, removing any and all hair from your nether regions, the hair down under, whatever you may call it…I wax it all gone!

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